Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cool Hair Styles For Men and Women

A man or woman can look dazzling and change his/her total appearance by selecting the right hair style. The hair styles must be chosen depending on the shape of the face. In general, long hair styles are well suited for people having a round face and bangs with long layers make the heart-shaped faces look more attractive.
Permed hair style
Permed hair styles can be produced in several kinds such as soft waves and tight ringlets. It is well suited for all women regardless of their age. Creating perms along with hair cuts of several layers are useful for enhancing the volume and definition.

Taper fade cut
The most popular hair style that is preferred by majority of the men is the fade hairstyle. In a fade hairstyle, all the sides along with the back portion of the hair is cut very short and tapered up. The hair will be cut in a lengthy style in the top region of the head. Crew cuts are also very famous among most men. The hair will be cut in an extreme short style and tapered on all the sides and the back portion of the head. The shaved hair style is suitable for men who do not wish to spend a large amount of time and money for maintaining their hair or are balding.

Long layerd hair
The long layered hair style is very useful for increasing the action and body for the hair and for trying out various different styles like flipping the end sides in an upward direction or applying a small amount of wax to provide a pricey look to the hair. This type of hair style is very easy to maintain. Also, this hairstyle does not appear to be an extreme alteration as the entire length of the hair will not be shortened.

Graduated bob hair style
The graduated bob hairstyle is the shortest hairstyle. In this type of hair style, the hair will be cut lengthier in the front portion and shorter in the back side. This hair style provides an elegant and soft appearance to the hair. This hair style is being tried by several celebrities nowadays.
In recent days, the straight hairstyles involve several layering methods along with razoring and styling equipment to produce the most elegant and modern appearance. The hair should be maintained in a healthy way with a shiny appearance by using the shampoos and conditioners that have a good moisturizing effect to make a stunning straight hairstyle.

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