Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why You Arent Getting What You Want Out Of Your Relationship?

Think your relationship is going south? Feel like you're not getting what you should, what you need from your partner? Maybe you're even feeling a bit scared there's no possible way to bring things back on track? 

If you've ever taken a look at your relationship and thought, "This just isn't working out," it is possible your relationship has become a victim of EWC.

EWC stands for Expectation Without Communication, and it's one of the really BIG, and most common reasons people have problems in their relationships. My guess would be that EWC is actually one of the top three causes of relationship trouble, with the other two being dishonesty and infidelity.
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Warning Signs of an Emotional Affair

If you're worried you, or your spouse, is getting sucked into an emotional affair and you want to know what warning signs emotional affair are, read on.

An emotional affair can sneak up on anyone.  No one really goes looking for an emotional affair, they just find themselves feeling a connection to a person.  Usually that connection isn't physical, at least not at first, and that is why it can be so easy to not realize what is happening until it's too late.

It's much more difficult to break off a relationship once you start to have feelings for the other person than it is if the relationship is just purely sexual.  That's why in some ways an emotional affair can be worse than a sexual relationship.

Here are some tell tale signs that you are on the brink of having an emotional affair:

1.  If you find yourself defending the relationship by saying 'We're just friends', chances are you're on your way to something more.  Think about it for a moment, when you're talking about a friend who you have no attraction to at all you don't ever feel the need to defend that relationship, do you?   Even in the early stages of an emotional affair, there is a part of you that knows what's going on and that's why you will feel the need to defend the relationship.

2.  If you're spending time thinking about that person that is a real danger sign.  Again, as a benchmark, think of one of your other friends.  Do you think about them as often as this new person in your life?  If the answer is no, you have to be careful of what is developing between you and your new crush.

3.  Do you almost feel like your life is on hold until you're with your new friend?  If you find that you can't wait until the next time you can see them or that you don't even want to go anywhere unless you know they'll be there, then there is a very good chance that what you're feeling is a lot more than just friendship.

4. If you are opening up to this person more than you are your spouse or boy/girl friend than that is another sign of a problem.  Your spouse is the person you should be able to talk to about anything.  If you find that you can tell this new person in your life things that you can't, or won't, tell your spouse you are getting in way too deep.

5.  If you find that you are making excuses just to spend time with your new friend alone, than you are well on your way to committing adultery.  Manufacturing reasons to be alone with this person is a sign that deep inside you want the relationship to be more than just friends.

If you, or someone you love, shows warning signs of an emotional affair, don't wait, take action right away.  It's not easy to end a relationship when you are in love with the other person, that's why it's best to end it before it really gets started.
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Does My Ex Still Love Me Or Am I Kidding Myself

Have you asked a good friend “does my ex still love me?”  Well this really is one of those classic questions that people ask when they haven't moved on from a relationship that is over.  Chances are your friend has no answer for you that will help you and so you're still left wondering.

The truth is that a question like, “does my ex still love me?” can be a dangerous one to ask. This is because you might not get the answer you're looking for.  As I've said, often times we will ask a question like that when we're still hung up on our exes and we're looking for reassurance and an OK that it's alright for us to go on and rescue the relationship.  If this is what you're doing, make sure you're clear in your own mind that you could be setting yourself up for a heavy fall if your ex doesn't still love you.
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

10 Great Dating Ideas to Woo Any Woman

Do you need free dating women ideas?  In fact, many of the most romantic dates you can take your lady out on won’t cost you a dime.  This article will show you 10 free dating women options that give you not cost dates that will still impress the ladies.  
love couple wallpaper - Love Couple HD Wallpaper
  1. What is one of a woman’s most persistent romantic fantasies?  That would have to be a long walk on a moonlit beach.  In personal ad after personal ad, you see this wish appear.  So, why not make it a part of your free dating women repartee?  She will be far more impressed than if you took her to a fancy French restaurant?
  2. If you are doing a daytime date, consider going on a bike ride together.  Ride for a while.  Stop and have a picnic.  Then ride home.  The exercise will do you wonders and there’s a sense of having shared space without having to fill it with words.
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

13 Types of Girls you should Avoid

In general, men are looking first for physical attraction at a woman. Many of them consider that if she is beautiful and well dressed, its the perfect partner they are looking for. But they don't know that behind this appearance its hiding something worst. 

Maybe this happened to you too. After you began a relationship with her you found out that she is not exactly what you want and what you expect. She hurt you and dumped you when you last expected. Many men are chasing after a woman who lied them and used them. But, in order to stop this, you should know from the beginning which types of girls you should avoid for to not be hurt again. 

Desperate girl

-it is the type of the girl who spend all her life laid out, looking for a perfect life, and suddenly she discover that she gets old and she doesn't get married yet because she hasn't met the perfect man for her

-she wants desperately to get married no matter who the guy is or what he does

-she is pressed by the time and is ready to marry with a jerk as long as he has marriage material

-watch out because if you marry one of this, you have to spend  the rest of your life with her

Materialistic girl

-usually is good looking and well dressed

-is looking very well outside but inside it is a bunch of money hungry taker

-she is looking all the time after boys which are staying very well with their wallet

-she expects that a man should finance her entire life just because she is biologically female

-she is very friendly, nice at the beginning but after some time you'll see that no matter how much you give her, she wants more

-she is greed personified

-she is interested only in what she wants and not others feelings

-stay away from this kind of girl because she will dumped you after she spend all your money

Angry girl

-she is the type of the girl which sees life like a battle

-anything   what is happening or is told to her is seen as a insult at her address 

-has also a bad opinion about man, sees only the wrong sides of a man 

-she is always upset and angry

-usually she likes to take out of context everything  what is said to her and to interpret the words like she wants

-you don't have any future with her, she has a simmering anger at men which can explode at any moment

Insecure girl

-she is very nice and treats men very well

-but she suffers by frustration

-is wracked by anxiety about making the wrong decision

-she has to think twice about what to do, what to wear, where to go, what to eat

-she needs constant reassurance that she's attractive and worries incessantly

Stupid girl

-this type of girl likes to speak a lot but she doesn't say nothing smart

-she likes to say always gossips about the others, but when you want to talk something important with her, she is not able to make conversation 

Uptown girl

-she is very rich

-everything she has is better than yours and she wants to make sure that you know it

-she only dates the best of best

-is entirely focused on herself

-she is very selfish, self-indulgent grown up as '' daddy's little girl''

-needs to be constant center of attention no matter what she does or where she goes

Childish girl 

-everything in life hurts this kind of girl

-is the type of girl who cries a lot, every innocent comment or criticism will upset her

-avoid this kind of girl because if you are dating one you will have to spend all the time apologizing even if you didn't make any mistake

-avoid also long term relationship with her because she is capable of suicide if you want to leave her and all the blame will be thrown on yourself 

Elusive girl

-is the type of girl who is  afraid to start a relationship

-she might be hurt in a past relationship and so subconsciously avoids or sabotages new relationships in the present

-she look interested at the beginning but after a while she runs away

-is the type of girl who likes to send mixed messages so you'll never understand her

Talking girl

-it is a big difference between somebody who is able to make good conversation and have sense of humor , and somebody who always have to make a comment about everything

-it is the type which is very hard to please and always has to say something about everything is happening or speaking around her

Romantic girl

-this lives in her own world, of movies and romance novels

-she is very dreamy, imagining things, expecting Prince Charming to come after her 

-she doesn't know how the real world is 

-she was grown with the idea that she is a princess

Dragger girl

-this kind of girl will always make you feel bad even there is no reason to feel that

-it is always worrying and she can never be happy, everything around her is a total drag

-even if a wonderful thing happen to you, she will make you feel like it was the worst thing that could happen ever 

Controlling girl

-she likes to have the total control in your relationship and on you too

-wants to control  you in everything you do, you wear or eat

-if you try to control her too, she will get angry, cry, scream or use any deceptive female tactic until you give up

Flirting girl

-she flirts with anybody and flaunt her sexuality at every opportunity

-has a big power of attraction

-exist the risk to dump you in any moment if somebody better comes along 

With all these types of girls you should avoid, it is now more easy for you to  make a good choice    about  your next girlfriend; but remember that not all the women are the same, maybe there is somewhere a good, carrying woman just for you.
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Tips For Keeping A Marriage Happy And Healthy

Keeping a marriage happy can be a difficult undertaking if a couple approach it from an unrealistic position. If you think you will never have a cross word or get fed up with each other, then you're setting yourself up for a huge fall!

What should be done, and many couples fail to do, is to sit down before marriage and have a frank and honest exchange about how they both see the marriage working.  This should be one of the biggest discussions that should be had before there is even an actual marriage, but all too often such a conversation doesn't even figure.

A great way to approach such a talk is to spend as much time mapping out a Marriage Contract as you both need to.  Many marriages, whether new or established, are based on such contracts and these are the  marriages that stand the test of time.

The Marriage Contract is a set of goals and agreements that the couple make together to keep the marriage on track and headed in the direction they both want.

The kind of agreements and goals that are typically set out are obviously going to be personal to each couple - what works for one couple, might not work for another.  However, consider agreeing to such things in your personal Marriage Contract as: Who'll do the cooking?  How the budget for the household will be handled?  The sharing of household chores and duties?  How to handle differences of opinions?

Don't make the mistake of dismissing these details.  Keeping a marriage happy often rests on such details as money, time management and the ability to reconcile.

Keeping a marriage happy means not taking your spouse for granted.  Consider regularly doing something unexpected for your spouse.  If you are making them a packed lunch, then put a little cake or a little treat inside and then put a little love note in with the treat.

Make time to talk and share with each.  This will stop distance from emerging within your marriage, because once distance grows between you and your spouse it can be a task and a half to make it disappear.  Whatever you feel is a problem, talk to your spouse about the problem before it becomes the main focus of your marriage.

Keeping a marriage happy can be difficult, if you let it become difficult.  If you think about doing something lovely for your spouse a couple times a week, then it takes the work out of keeping your marriage healthy and working as it should.  Often times all it takes is a little consideration and appreciation of your spouse and their feelings and you will find that that is all reciprocated right back at you.

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Your Scorpio Boyfriend: Understand Him

If you have a Scorpio boyfriend, you’ve paired up with one of the passionate signs of the Zodiac. He won’t just be passionate in love and lust. His passion spreads to everything he does. He’ll be passionate about all of his interests, his job, his work and play, and if he loves you, your Scorpio boyfriend will be passionate about keeping you happy. 

Scorpio’s are driven, but they know how to balance work and play most of the time. Scorpios tend to be more impatient that some other signs, too. While a Capricorn man might make a long-reaching plan and be content to plod away toward the goal, knowing he’s achieving it little by little, a Scorpio man would rather make one broad leap toward the end. 

Scorpios also love luxury. Especially if he hasn’t much in his life, once he discovers the little things that make a person feel pampered, he won’t want to be without them. Eating at nicer restaurants, seeing movies in a better theater with larger more comfy seats and better sound—these little things are important to him. 

One of the drawbacks of this love of luxury is a Scorpio’s tendency to go to extremes and excess. Sometimes a Scorpio boyfriend can appear greedy when it comes to food, drink or anything else that can be taken to an extreme. Overdoing it is a hallmark of being born during this sun sign. 

The Scorpio is represented by a scorpion, and we all know that scorpions have pincers and stingers in their tails. So watch out when Scorpios get angry! While many are slow to really get angry, once they lose their temper it’s well and truly lost. 

Some Scorpios actually have very short tempers and stay angry for a long time as well. But most Scorpios, just as they take other things to excess, can stay angry for huge amounts of time over small things. A Scorpio can hold a grudge for a lifetime. 

Your Scorpio boyfriend will also have a very fine-tuned sense of reality. So don’t bother trying to trick him or fool him, because he’ll probably see right through it. Some Scorpios seem to have built-in lie detectors or those proverbial eyes in the backs of their heads. 

A Scorpio’s sense of truth often leads to them being very blunt. Many are unflinching when it comes to things like death and dying, with black humor and gallows humor being a Scorpio favorite. 

If you’re a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, you have the best compatibility. Those are earth signs, while a Scorpio is a water sign. If you’re a Cancer or a Pisces, both water signs like Scorpio, you should be compatible, too. 

That’s not say another sign of the Zodiac can’t have a successful relationship with a Scorpio. But there might be more challenges along the way than if you were each more compatible signs. No matter what sign you are, if you really want to make thing work with your Scorpio boyfriend, you can!

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