Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where To Look For Love


It’s hard being solo. More so during the festive time with all the gatherings. When you’re on that frustrating search to meet your soul mate, but don’t have a clue where to go, keep reading for suggestions on the best spots to meet that special someone.
Could be the reason why you haven’t run into Mr. or Ms. Right yet, is that you might be visiting the wrong spots. All the usual ones like clubs and bars are really places you want to avoid - that is if you are looking to find a long-term commitment. Although once in awhile you may be told about a co-worker or an acquaintance that fell in love and married a person they met in a night club, chances are the only people you’ll meet are those who are searching for the fun for the night, not the love of a lifetime.
So where do you have a good chance at meeting your true love?
1. Group outings. You may not believe that you could locate that special partner enjoying yourself with a group trip canoeing or water rafting but this might be the best opportunity for love. Could be because occasions like this feel less scary than a proper date and you’ll also get the benefit of getting to know several new acquaintances in a group environment. Jump at the opportunity next time you’re offered to join to a group outing. You could meet the love of your life while gabbing with like-minded people.
2. Gym. Gyms provide exposure to myriad new people. People are there to get in shape so it’s easy to strike up a conversation with that somebody you like by asking him or her gym-related questions such as how many repetitions or about a yoga pose.

3. Coffee shop. Could coffee venues be any more in demand than they are this moment? Most people go solo so it’s a less imposing way to start a conversation with a new person. Purchase him or her a cup of coffee or ask if he or she minds company.

4. Hiking. Many singles are adventurous hikers. Find like-minded people if you’re in this group. The best part is that you always have things to discuss when you are surrounded by nature. You can get past the stomach queasiness by simply conversing about the hiking trail.

5. In the company setting. Disregard this if your employer has a policy forbidding office romances. Still, if you can, finding your life partner at work usually makes work a lot more entertaining!

6. Places of worship. Churches offer a variety of activities that get members to interact. If you belong to a church, make sure to sign up for group settings to increase your chances of finding someone with the same religious belief as you.

7. Social networking events. You can chat via computer with social networking sites such as Twitter or you can attend social networking events. In addition to furthering your business acquaintances, you can also meet new persons and potential mates.

8. Cultural occasions, like poetry readings, art exhibits, or barbershop quartets are positive places. In addition to getting to know new persons, you will also have a good time, learn something new and seem more interesting to potential suitors once they talk to you.

9. Take a class. If you are going to college, you’ll locate a myriad of fun opportunities to talk to new folks at school. If you’re out of school, consider taking a class in something you’re interested in such as cooking or photography. You may just find your life partner and learn how to prune your roses all in one week.

10. Online dating sites. Nowadays the most available and most popular way to meet other solo acts is through computer dating. Most people have some friends that have been successful this way.
The truth is you can run into your soul mate almost anywhere. You have a great shot at finding your life partner. Just be open to it, ready for it, and available to let it happen. Let your friends know you are looking and take risks and put your best game face on. You just don’t know when you’ll meet your life partner; walking in your local park or at a classical concert, so have fun and get ready for love!

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