Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How To Wear Your Jeans The Right Way

In every woman’s closet, there is that one special pair of jeans that is treasured and cherished even after many years. One of the best things about denim jeans is that they never go out of style and they go with almost anything. Since it is not very wise to blow your pay check on shopping trips these days, you have to find a way to remain stylish and hip with the help of your reliable denim jeans and other clothing articles you can find in your closet.
Jeans and Black Halter Top- When going out to pick up groceries or takeout food, there is really no need to be too dressy. You can pair your jeans with a simple black top that shows off a little back and shoulder. This ensemble does not only make a slimmer silhouette but it is also very simple to pull off. There will be no time wasted modelling in front of the full length mirror to see if it looks great on you. You might also top it off with some great looking boots or go bare minimum and just slip on some flip flops.
Jeans with a nice black leather jacket- When you want to pull off that biker chick look, you can’t not have the leather jacket. While this ensemble does not always work for women, when it does it really give off that impression of power and sultriness that is undeniable. Be careful when choosing your leather jackets because the color white is really out this season and black is the one that rules.
Jeans with a very slim metallic belt- Oversized belts and over the top designed belt buckles are out this season. What is in are very sleek looking slender belts that will draw the attention off your waist. You will certainly love this look especially if you have a great looking plain shirt hanging in your closet which you can tuck in underneath the jeans. It is very casual but still extremely stylish.
Bedazzled Jeans- If you are more of the adventurous kind when it comes to clothing, you can always turn your plain denim jeans into a spectacularly adorned piece of fashion accessory. All you need is a simple design which reflects most of your personality and you can use the jeans as your make shift canvas. You can put in rhinestones, beads, or other materials which you feel would make it look more stunning.

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