Monday, February 7, 2011

How To Make Your Wedding Invitation Unique

A wedding invite ought to match the tone and uniqueness of the occasion and the bride and groom.  For many couples, this spells a traditional invite with set wording.  But, some brides and grooms feel the need to express how happy they are in an uncommon way in their wedding invitation.  Such a thing can be achieved through the phrasing.
The critical part of the invitation phrasing, of course, is the pertinent time and location info.  After those details have been shared, the alternatives in wording are boundless.  Maybe the most difficult, and at the same time most unique, alternative is for the couple to articulate the invite themselves.  Writing their very own poem or individual phrase gives them a chance to share their true hopes with their invited revelers.  If the pair wishes to write their own vows, the invite could foreshadow a phrase of what they have prepared.  But, a lot of folks are not sure about writing, specifically not a composition so personal.
If the couple decided on a wedding theme, then the invite should reflect that.  For a Hawaiian day, the invitation could be composed in both English and Hawaiian.  For a dungeons and dragons theme, the invite could be worded in ”olde” English.  Another possibility is to reference a major moment in the pairs relationship.  For instance, if the two got engaged on a holiday excursion, the words of the invite could include the locale.  For a couple fond of hair-raising things such as white river canoeing, the invite could say something like “taking a leap.”
Quotes are a good option to personalize an invitation, but a bride and groom can easily make a quote unique with an individual line that pertains to their romance.  If the happy couple has a personal connection to a specific movie or piece of music, including a phrase will let the guests become aware of the personal moment.  A couple with a good sense of humor might even use a scene from ”Sleepless in Seattle” or ”Benny and Joon.”  A snippet from the tune they plan to play for their initial dance as newlyweds would offer a charming continuity.
Plenty of invitations use lines from Shakespeare or Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  Yet, a great number of folks aren’t aware that Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickinson ,as well, composed romantic poems aside from their drearier poetry.  An earth-conscious bride and groom may find that a phrase from a Walt Whitman poem fits their sensibilities.
A church ceremony needn’t be boring.  Most people consider the Song of Solomon to be one of the most romantic works ever put to paper.  A phrase from this section of the Bible may help a religious pair share their beliefs and their hopes for the future at the same time.
Composing a wedding invite necessitates that you include all applicable planning details of the occasion. It also allows you to let shine and share your true character.  Whether the couple is wishing for a light and funny atmosphere, or a very sentimental setting, the bride and groom need to stay true to their character.  If they do this, then the invite will inevitably be memorable.

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