Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spring is dancing

How deep i can get

inside myself;
go till i reach a point,
beside myself;

good old Lord,
how much can I take?
before I fall,
another couple of steps...

now when I look back,
I see nothing that mattered;
some dreams were broken,
others were shattered...

now i am standing,
in a place,
where i stop
in the race...

the fact remains,
in the matter of fate,
there is love
jealousy and hate...

this way or that,
in another state,
you have to kill,
or you have to wait...

even in the circumstance,
of being filled with joy,
you have the making,
of a slow coy...

now what do I do,
now where do I go,
for the reason aint nuff,
you did this, so and so...

we all have excuses,
for being sad,
driving home,
till we get mad...

but the better way is,
to stay calm,
and hope somehow
this time passes by...

till the roses bloom once more,
and the birds are singing in rows...
and the spring tells u in the ear,
she's dancing from side to side...

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