Monday, October 1, 2012

Effective Fruit Diet For Healthy Life

Dieting has become very important to a lot of people that it is almost a religion to them.  Losing weight and maintaining ideal weight have both become a must in everybody’s list today that every zone book released is considered the law.

While it is always a great decision to stay fit and trim, it is equally important to examine the choices you make in order to ensure the safety of your health.  One of the diets you might be familiar with but never bothered to try is the Fruit Diet.  It is actually a very simple program that is intended not only for people who are trying to lose weight but also for those who are looking to improve their digestion.

Which Fruits to Eat

In order to make this particular diet work, you need to choose the right fruits to eat and the right servings as well.  Berries make a perfect choice for a fruit diet because they contain a very high concentration of antioxidants that fight off free radicals.  Berries also contain enough energy to get you through a working day without having to eat meat or anything that contains too much fat or carbs.

Here is the list of the fruits you should stock up on if you want to be in this diet:


How long should one stay on the Fruit Diet?
This diet is not intended to be used for an extended period of time.  Two weeks is the average duration of this regimen, going beyond it can cause certain problems particularly since your body will need more energy the longer you stay on the fruit diet.

The purpose of this diet plan is simply to refocus your system and cleanse it in order to function optimally again.  You can also expect to lose minimal weight (between 5-10 pounds) while on the diet and a few more after that.

More Tips
While on the Fruit diet, you also have to curb your consumption of fat especially from junk foods.  Consuming trans fat is a major faux pax when you are on this type of diet because it lowers the chances of weight loss.  Instead of eating fast food junk, you should instead prepare your own meals using a plan that is intended for weight loss.

You should also avoid drinking alcoholic and carbonated beverages.  Instead, you should consume a lot of water and fruit juices to rehydrate and cleanse your system better.

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