Monday, February 11, 2013

Water Treatment For Your Skin

We have all wondered, how can something we never actually consider that much,cause our skin to get better than all those expensive creams out there?!I know I have wondered a lot.I was and still kind of is a person who likes looking pretty but hates putting in too much effort into it.The hours of slaving at the beauty parlor to get your hair just right,or the lengthy night time skin care regimen.I'd rather go shopping instead of sitting at a beauty parlor and rather read at night instead of slathering on products after products.But I have to say,for the first time in my life,I made an effort to do something consistently for a number of days and I now believe that consistency is the key to anything.If you want to know about my experience with the best skincare product out there. 
A while back,I noticed that the quality of skin was waning and it looked worse than ever and I decided to make a change.Be aware that I have always had rather okay skin,not perfect,but I did not have oily skin and no acne,but I did suffer from super dry and tight skin and the occasional peeling.I felt that it kind looked like this. :D

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