Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dating Tips for Women

Dating can be a very satisfying experience for women but it can also be terrifying if they are not prepared for it. While for some, winging it usually works, others need a little more time and guidance in order to prepare for a night on the town with a gentleman.
Here are some tips on how you can enjoy and maintain a very dignified and ladylike personality while you are out on a date:
Dress Code
You can pretty much dress any way you want. However, there are certain factors you should consider such as the kind of place your date is taking you. If you are going to a movie, it is okay to go out in your jeans and shirt. On the other hand, if he is taking you to a fancy dinner at a five star restaurant, you should at least spring for a cocktail dress.
Liquor Intake

It is perfectly understandable if you want a couple of cosmopolitan with your dinner. However, it does not bode well when you get drunk and your date has to drag you out and put in a cab. Know your limit and stick to it. This rule should be observed especially for first dates.
Picking up the Check
This is one of the confusing things for dating women these days. Are you really expected to pick up the check or at least offer to split it? Here is a very simple gesture that you can do, offer to pay for what you have ordered but if the guy insists on picking up the tab for the entire meal, allow them. It is all a matter of letting the other person know that you are very much capable of taking care of yourself and that you are in it for his company and not the free hot meal that comes with it.
Public Display of Affection
If you are on a second or third date, you are most probably already comfortable with your date which means you would want to kiss and touch. Note, there is a huge difference between PDA and public lewdness. To be safe, you can just save the kissing and fondling at the end of the date when you are at each other’s place saying your goodbyes.
Dating can be a lot of fun and you should certainly have your share of good times. However, you should still remain a lady regardless of wherever you are and whoever you are with.

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