Sunday, April 17, 2011

What women notice first in a man?

Every contact with a new man makes an impression to the woman without her intention and the results of this impression is created mostly by the eyes of the man. In the process of communication, women are politely looking at the eyes, and therefor they are of great importance.

The hair is also of great importance, and the shape of the face. Trying to remind of someone who they have seen briefly, women remember the eyes, hair and other important thing - the height.

The lips and hands are coming after. Women are putting their attention on many things that men are not aware of, like the warmth of his hand and the strength with which men squeeze her hand. The lips and his voice can make a big difference in the women eyes too. The color of his voice while speaking can be the decisive moment of attraction or rejection.

In third place, but of great importance are clothes, shoes and accessories. Here, the first impression is coming from the color of the clothes and the combination of it. The woman estimates the man accidentally by the clothing and the type of shoes.

Do not forget that about 10-20% of what you are saying will make an impression.

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