Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3 Questions To Turn Her On

It sounds crazy. In order to turn a woman on, all you need to do is ask her 3 simple questions. By listening to her answers, you will be able to read that woman's mind and find out what she wants. And once you know that, it's simple to deliver the goods.

The crazy part, though, is that it actually works.

The "3 questions that turn her on" method is a theory that comes from Vin DiCarlo in his amazing new Pandora's Box System program. Vin's program focuses on learning what turns a specific woman on (instead of, say, "every woman in the world"; Vin's approach is more about focusing on the woman standing right in front of you, you know, the one you might have sex with!) and then how to use that to your advantage.

The 3 questions that turn her on are simple.

1. You want to find out her "time line." This means what is the dating strategy that she uses in order to find a man she wants to be with. Vin explains the various ways to ask this question in the Pandora's Box System program.

2. You want to find her "sex line." This is the way that she views sex and what turns her on. Again, Vin explains the intricacies of this line of questioning in the program.

3. You want to find her "relationship line." These are the various factors and qualities she looks for in a man that she wants a relationship from.

Once you have the answers to these three questions, going through the process of turning her on and making the conversation into an actual honest-to-goodness sexual encounter is simple.

The Pandora's Box System program comes with Vin breaking down how to utilize the "3 questions to turn her on" approach.

Going through the program will give you a huge advantage over the other guys out there who are simply chatting with these girls without picking up on the subtle body language signals they're sending out.

his is the beauty of classifying woman into types. It makes it easier to predict their behavior and have your response ready. When you learn to read her mind you'll find it much more fun and easy to seduce beautiful women.

Just think: if you were able to read a woman's mind, how big of an advantage you would have over the other guys? Because that's what '3 Questions That Turn Her On' basically is. You're being taught how to read her mind.

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