Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How To Make A Man Want No One Else But You

Are you one of those pretty faces who feel desperate because you seem to score zero when it comes to dating? Sure, you may be dating a good looking man but is he really crazy about you? Is he willing to give up everything just to be with you? Do you often wonder how you can make him go extremely crazy for you?
Read the following tips to discover exactly what you can do in order to make him go super crazy for you...

Carry yourself with confidence.
It's not all about having a pretty face. You'd still appear bland if you're pretty yet you're so unsure of yourself. Even though you're a little on the fat side, don't fret. The dating game is all about knowing how to walk the walk and talk the talk!

Show the genuine you.
A man can see through your fake qualities in just a short period of time so don't let him see your phoniness. Instead, show from the onset who you truly are and this guy will surely appreciate you for it.

Take care of yourself.
This is the modern times - women are supposed to know how to take care of themselves. You have to remember that you are more attractive to a guy when he sees that you're financially able. This proves that you're not going to be a burden to him even if he goes unemployed.

Embrace your sexuality.
You have to be comfortable with your sexuality in order to attract any man that you desire. You would be respected and loved by every person that you come in contact with if you have this level of confidence in your sexuality. So do you want male attention? This is the best way to do it!

You should know how to enjoy life.
If you constantly show a man nothing but a long face, then he's likely to leave even before he gets to know you. Prove to him that you would face all of life's challenges without a single scowl. You will be pretty popular among guys if you prove that you have the capacity to enjoy life.

Prove your intelligence.
Men are attracted to your physical beauty - but just at first! Beyond that, you'll have to prove to him that you can win him through other means. Show him how intelligent you are and he will surely go crazy about you. Don't stage debates and serious arguments, though. Know how to explain your side in the calmest manner.

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