Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pros and Cons of Online Dating

A lot of people are too busy with their professional lives that they hardly ever have the time to go out and experience the world outside the four corners of the office.  What a lot of men and women are looking for romance and quite a number of them have found exactly that through online dating.
Online dating has become quite the solution for people who are raring to meet other people but are just unable to go out and make time for such an activity.  If you are contemplating trying this  dating style for size, you should know all the pros and cons.
•    You only need a few minutes every day in order to connect with a lot of prospective dates.
•    There is always the option of making yourself sound a little bit more impressive than you actually are in order to attract people.  Glossing over or embellishing for effect is the language used in online dating.
•    You can choose who you want to meet or establish contact with.
•    It is very easy to select from a certain circle of people who you know have the same interests as you.
•    You can date people without having to actually leave the house.
•    95% of people you will meet online are likely to lie about themselves such as their age, jobs, and even their sexual orientation.
•    There are people online who prey on the weak or naive.  You run the risk of getting scammed or tricked into sending money or divulging personal information which can be used against you in the future.
•    Most of the connections you will make are likely to end because people who date online are always looking for something or someone better to come along. Settling is not exactly practiced by internet daters.
•    Some online dating sites are misleading especially when it comes to the services they offer.  You can expect to be ripped off at least once or twice especially by those dating sites that require payment from members.

If you really want to pursue online dating, you need to lower your expectations and just enjoy the ride.  In all, there is a very good chance that you will actually find the love of your life through one of the dating sites.  Just remember not to be too trusting so that you will not end up a victim of any ruse or scam.

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