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Quick Dating Tips For Both Men and Women

Dating Tips for Men

Men are just as nervous about dates as women, they are just better at hiding it.  If you are a single guy looking to start dating and hopefully meet a potential mate, a little guidance will be in order. 
Dating is not the same social ritual that it used to be a decade ago.  It has become more of a gruelling training for marriage or whatever qualifies as a long term relationship.
Here are some points worth taking note of when going out on dates:
Get real and stay honest.  What women are looking for these days are men who can be honest with them about almost anything.  If for instance you did not have too great a time on the date and you are not likely to call her again, do not make the mistake of letting her believe that you will.  This is just considered a very distasteful behavior.
Chivalry is not dead.  While men are no longer expected to go through all courtship rituals in order to land a woman, it is still considered a good thing when you open a door for your date or offer to pick up the check for the meal.  Showing a woman that you can take care of her would earn you at least a hundred positive points and might very well earn you a second date as well.
Never talk about age or money.  When men are out with older or less successful women, it is a very bad mistake to ask about how old she is or how much money she makes.  It is just a can of worms waiting to mess up the date so better leave it alone.  However, do not be afraid to tell her about how successful you are because this fact is very important to women especially those who are looking to settle down soon. 
Ease up on the liquor.  It is never a good idea to get drunk while you are on a date, let alone a first date.  Three glasses of wine is the maximum for dinner dates and if you are taking a lady out to lunch, try to limit your consumption to just one.  If you are nervous and need not to be, try other means that do not involve lowering all of your inhibitions.
When it comes to dating, you need to have all your bases covered to ensure maximum fun, and perhaps even the prospect of a long term relationship.  
Dating Tips for Women
When it comes to dating, women are viewed to be those who fuss about their hair, makeup, shoes, and scent before going out to make themselves presentable and appealing.  If you are new to the world of dating, there are some things you have to be aware of so you do not make a fool out of yourself and actually enjoy the entire social ritual.
Useful Tips
Do not worry too much about how you look and focus more on how you feel.  It is a natural impulse for women as well as men to try and impress their dates which they take to mean spending hours in front of a mirror to land the perfect look.  Instead of being too obsessed with what color of lipstick you should dab on, it is better to just go for a natural look and let the other person see you just the way you are.
Paying your share of the check is nothing to be embarrassed about.  These are hard times and even if social convention dictates that men should always pay for the meal tab, it is a very nice gesture for women to at least offer paying for her share.  Doing this would show your date that you are classier than he had imagined and that you can take care of yourself.
Talk about yourself but not too much.  It is perfectly fine if you are a successful woman and that you are proud of your accomplishments.  However, taking over the conversation and making it all about you would be a major turn off.  The last thing you want is for your date to think that you are selfish and self absorbed.
Avoid asking loaded questions.  Inquiries such as do you ever want to get married? Or how many kids do you want to have?  Are like mine fields and you can expect an explosion all over your pretty face.  Men in general do not like to be quizzed about their future.  If your date brings it up, it is the only time you should talk about it.  Forcing the issue is definitely not very attractive.
Just enjoy the moment.  A lot of women put too much pressure on dates which is unfortunate because it is supposed to be the time when they can just relax and be themselves.  If you find yourself over thinking the ramifications of going out with somebody, just stop.  After all, it is only a date.  If it goes well, then that would be great.  If it doesn’t, you move on to someone better next time. 

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